Men – This post is for you!

We interrupt discussing what a radiologist is and what they do to remind you that June is Men’s Health Month! ZPR cares about men, but do you care about yourselves? A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) study found that women are FAR more likely than men to seek medical attention. How much more likely? According to the study:

  • Women are 100% more likely to seek preventative care than men. (Preventative care includes regular checkups and health screenings).
  • The rate of doctor visits by women aged 15-44 was 56% more than men in the same age group.
  • The overall rate of health care use among women, regardless of race, was 33% higher than men.

The CDC believes that some explanations for this are that women are traditionally the ones in the family who are concerned with health and wellness, and that women use medical care for screening and health education.
Guys – take control of your own health. Use some of the websites below to get information about men’s health and about what screenings/diseases to be aware of!
Men’s Health Resources:

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