Zwanger-Pesiri Radiology is always looking for new ways to improve service for our patients. One recent, and exceptionally useful, improvement was the launch earlier this year of our Patient Portal. The Patient Portal gives YOU access to your reports and information via your computer. Using the Patient Portal you can:

  • View your exam results
  • See a record of all your procedures and appointments
  • Make payments and view your balance
  • View upcoming appointments

How does it work? You simply sign up on our secure website (your privacy and security are very important to ZPR and we never put your privacy or safety at risk). Three business days after your physician has received your test results, they will be available to you on the Patient Portal. Exam reports are in PDF format, so you can download a copy to your own computer! Patient response has been extremely positive.

The Patient Portal is just one of the ways that ZPR is helping you to have more control of your own health care. Stay tuned for upcoming blog posts that will cover other “ZPR and You” topics.

Frequently Asked Portal Questions