We know that MS affects each person and family differently. It can be unpredictable and isolating. In honor of MS Awareness week, we are sharing diverse and powerful solutions that defy MS.
Together we will change the world — together we are stronger than MS.
Here are a few of the ways people are overcoming the challenges of living with MS:

  • A woman in Orlando builds an innovative mechanism that allows her husband, who relies on his power chair for mobility, to stand tall and proud on his own for a few hours each day.
  • A single mother of five coaches football because it’s rewarding and funny, and reminds her of the team that it takes to face the challenges of MS.
  • A woman with progressive MS manages fatigue by swimming nearly every day to revive body, mind and spirit.
  • A sculptor who can no longer stand independently uses a weight belt strapped to each side of his sculpting table to keep him upright while crafting beautiful marble creations.
Find these and other innovative solutions, and add your own, here.
We also hope to see you at the MS Walk on May 21st at Jones Beach, where Zwanger-Pesiri Radiology will be supporting all participants.